The dental clinic has been established for 45 years at 4861 des Sources boulevard in Pierrefonds. Founder and owner from 1971 to 2017, Dr. Daoust took care of his patients with passion and dedication. He curently offers a reduced schedule to his patients until his retirement in June. This allows him to gradually hand over the practice to Dr. De Celles who will offer you gentle dental treatments, done professionally, in continuity with what he has established.

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Prevention treatments include cleaning (scaling and polishing), sealants for children and teens, and the application of fluoride to prevent cavities.


To restore decayed or fractured teeth.


Partial or complete tooth reconstruction technique using the CEREC technology.

Inlays or crowns

Technique to replace a missing tooth using the adjacent natural teeth.


To replace missing teeth, implants can be placed inside the gums, and then restored with crowns or bridges.

Crowns or bridges on implant

To cover the visible surface of the tooth in order to improve aesthetics by changing its shape or color. They can be made in composite or ceramic.


Whiten your teeth with a professional product. Can be done at the dentist or at home.

Teeth whitening

Often as a last resort, when one or more problematic teeth must be removed.


Treatment of gum diseases using the Waterlase laser.

Periodontics (gum treatment)

When the gum becomes thin or recedes around a tooth, a gum graft can thicken or add more gums on the tooth where it has been receding.

Gum grafts

Removes a tooth pain coming from the nerve and/or eliminates the infection to avoid extracting that tooth.

Root canal

Interceptive orthodontics for children to treat an abnormality early during growth. Orthodontics for teens and adults is also available.


The grinding or clenching of teeth can chip their enamel and make them look shorter or uneven. An intraoral appliance (night guard) can be made to protect them.


An oral appliance that protects against injuries when a contact sport is played.



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Dental Assistant

Our team of professionals has been taking care of you for more than 45 years.

About Dr Sheila Badra De Celles

A graduate in dentistry from University of Montreal in 2011, Dr. De Celles stands out for her humane and professional approach. Her perseverance and her concern for a job well done earned her the Joseph Nolin Award for the excellence of her academic results.

Since graduating, her passion for dentistry has led her to gain years of experience and a lot of knowledge. Attentive to the needs and comfort of her patients, she follows many continuing education courses.

Being a graduate of the International Dental Institute in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, she also has additional expertise in orthodontics.

Her scope of practice being very varied, she offers diversified care for both children and adults.

Newly owner of her own clinic since March 2017, Dr. De Celles provides quality and gentle dental care.